piceMotoEast deeply connects with society and environment in which it operates and aspires to make it secure though the adoption of simple and easy to use technological solutions. One of the initiatives is in the domain of Telematics and Intelligent transport systems which was started in 2012, making it one of the first indigenous providers of fleet management solutions in North East India. The company is headquartered at Guwahati, Assam, India. eMotoEast’s firm belief is that success is a direct measure of trust and empowerment and it imbibes these as our core values and strength.

eMotoEast understand the needs of people  and their businesses, excels in providing tailor made solutions and process. The company’s envisions provide solutions for productivity, security, driver accountability, fuel efficiency, etc.,  to both Private and Government Enterprise fleets, Small fleets and Consumers with its products and services using this contemporary technology.

The ecosystem of Mobile assets, ranging from trucks and buses, to vans, cars, motorbikes trailers and construction machinery, etc., – are actively managed by eMotoEast currently in Eastern India.


eMotoEast’s strategy is to leverage both Private and Government Enterprise fleets, Small fleets and Consumers to make business more profitable and cash generative using its technology. It also thrives to create a significant mass, a larger subscriber base and a history of operating successfully in regional market.

What we do

Below are the services we provide for the clients..


eMotoEast’s GPS fleet tracking system provide our customers the comfort of sitting at office or home and yet the feel of riding in the passenger seat of every vehicle in their fleet 24x7. Read more »


Our solutions have proven highly effective in reducing business risk for commercial customers from varying industries from Private and Government Enterprise fleets, Small fleets. Read more »


eMotoEast thrives  to provide world class fleet management solutions to enable its customers to better serve their customers. With functionality such as Real Time Tracking. Read more »


eMotoEast fleet management solutions enable fleet operators to reduce their fuel consumption and minimise their fleet maintenance and operational costs. At the same time, customers. Read more »



    Anjan Baruah,
    SA, NEMCARE Hospital,

    Installation of GPS platform of e-motoeast with its reporting capabilities & reliable tracking has added to the accountability & productivity of our ambulance service.

    Rajib Das Choudhury,
    Director, Dhansiri Associates

    eMotoEast GPS solution provides me cutting edge fleet management applications that has immensely helped my company increase employee productivity and maintain vehicles accountability.

    Rajesh Jindal,
    Director, Vishal Roadways

    eMotoEast GPS tracking system helped me monitor my trucks 24*7 and importantly helped police to recover one of my stolen truck from Tezpur at within hours.

    Dilip Pathak,
    Managing Director Axiom Infracom

    I really loved everything about the GPS platform of eMotoEast. It is simple, efficient and provides value for money.

    Sonu Saxena, CMD,
    G Express Courier and Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

    eMotoEast vehicle tracking platform for my courier delivery vans has helped me effectively monitor my delivery vans, notify my customers in time. Besides I also installed one for my personnel car, I feel secure even when park my car away for long durations.

    Rajiv Gupta, Managing Director,
    Sigma Supply Solutions

    Installing emotoEast fleet management solution for my business has indeed been a wise business decision. I am already experiencing the benefits it brings to the productivity of my trucks.

    Mukul Medhi, CEO,
    Landmark Safari

    I am impressed with the user friendly application of eMotoEast platform. Even when I am travelling, I stay connected in real time with the vehicle fleets on my mobile. Great stuff guys!!!


    eMotoEast does not only focus on economic performance without paying any attention to what is happening to the ecosystem or the society it operates.It is eMotoEast responsibility to get involved in the societal lives or ecosystem where it does business. The key issues close to our heart are ROAD SAFETY and EDUCATION FOR ALL. It is our endeavor to contribute to these initiatives and improve our lives in terms of safety and literacy.


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